Flying Bison Brewing Company

A staple of Buffalo beer history! Est. 2000

Founded in 1996 but officially opened in 2000, Flying Bison was the first stand alone, distributing brewery in Buffalo since Iroquois Brewing closed in 1972. With that in mind, Tim the founder of Flying Bison was committed to initiating and fostering the return of beer industry that once flourished in Buffalo. Going deeper into Buffalo history, the brewery pulls it name from Buffalo’s in the aviation industry. Though its original location established in 1997 was on Ontario Street, in 2014 it expanded and moved to Larkinville. Flying Bison is a brewery that holds true to the fundamentals of brewing with its core flagship beers. But is still willing to expand its brewing but with no compromise to its fundamental origins. Lagers, IPAs, Stouts, and Scotch Ales the list goes on, Flying Bison makes great beer(no bias on my part, though Flying Bison is one of my favorites!)

Big Ditch Brewing Company

Est. 2014

Big Ditch began as a dream between two friends, Matt and Corey, who first began brewing new and exciting beers in a garage together. Eventually with the help of others, the dream became a reality and the two set forth to brew delicious craft beer for Buffalo. But it doesn’t stop there; Big Ditch is rich with Buffalo history. Named after the Erie Canal, Big Ditch’s beer naming process is full of Erie Canal historical trivia. In fact, with the beer they brew, Big Ditch seeks to embody those who built the canal using their bare hands and therefore brew a beer that celebrates ‘our roots.’ Perfect example of these types of beer names are Hayburner, Deep Cut, and the multiple beers within the Lock IPA series. If the names are historically based they are still Buffalo proud, like Make Me Wanna Stout or Fantastically Crushable(aka FC.) There is something to be said about local companies embedding themselves within the community and therefore creating mutual growth.

Community Beer Works 

Est. 2012

CBW is wholeheartedly committed to Buffalo. Located on the West Side, they have a strong desire to brew delicious beer; but also be an integral part of the community in which they reside. With their slogan ‘Embeer Buffalo,’ they hold true to create a sense of community and belonging through their excellent brewing and events. I’ve seen multiple times on social media CBW holding fundraisers or events whose proceeds support those in need. Though they started out with a small brewery and tap room on Lafayette Ave, they’ve expanded and opened an amazing new brewery on 7Th Street. The new brewery has 20 beers on tap, ranging from core favorites, rotating seasonals, as well as small batch series brews. To enhance your drinking experience they have a beautiful patio and a game room. I’ve also read that they will be opening a brewpub in Niagara Falls sometime this year. It’s been 75 years since Niagara Falls has had a beer production facility and CBW will the first craft brewery to open in Niagara Falls.

Resurgence Brewing Company

Est. 2014

42 North Brewing Company

Est. 2015

12 Gates Brewing Company

Est. 2015

Hamburg Brewing Company

Est. 2013

Buffalo Brewing Company

Est. 2016

Thin Man Brewery

Est. 2016

Froth Brewing Co.

Est. 2018

Gene McCarthy’s Old First Ward Brewing Company

Est. 2014

Rohrbach Brewing Company 

Est. 1991

Ellicottville Brewing Company 

Est. 1995


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